This is a newly released frontend page builder that features a simple UI, and an extensive API.¬†Tailor posed a rough start, when we found out that to get into the Tailor editor you had to first publish a page, then go to the pages menu, and press on ‘Tailor this page’. This was different than other page builders, and it took us time to realize just how to reach it. The plugin did not mention this very basic point in the installation guide, which was puzzling.

The documentation for Tailor lacking, because there were not a lot of videos or tutorials for using it. There was also no dedicated forum, and the plugin seems to be developed by a single developer, which could be a sign for limited support in the future.

Easy to Use

The Tailor page builder is not so easy to use. You don’t get almost any widgets, so even creating a landing page is a hard task. After I type text, I see it only after a few seconds, very annoying. Moreover, there is no control over typography.

Whereas other page builder varied in how long it took me to build a simple landing page, Tailor was the only one where I just gave up. No icon widget, no image widget, no text widget.

This is perhaps the most important factor, because if a page builder is not easy to use it’s not worth anything. I don’t know what the developer was thinking but it is definitely not intuitive in any way.


It’s free. No fees which is nice. I don’t really understand how this is sustainable, or whether a paid version is planned for the future, but in any case it’s nice to get it for free.


No templates. There is no template module that let you add pre made templates to the page with a click. This is a real drawback as I use this features a lot.


Tailor page builder is not very popular, with only 1,000 active installs on the WP repository.


I actually liked the documentation on this plugin. Clear explanations, plus an API. This means other developers can contribute to the source code, and create plugins that will enhance the capabilities of Tailor.


The page builder has an addon, called ‘Tailor Page Builder: WooCommerce Extension’. This extension adds e-commerce functionalit for WooCommerce. Display products, testimonials and pricing information easily using Tailor’s interface.

Stylish Design

This is more of a developer oriented page builder, and is not suited in order to design stylish pages.


Tailor page builder comes with widgets you would never expect. Ni image, headline, video. Instea: Hero, Card, Box…


Tailor is rather speedy, except the time it takes to load after every page customization. This is a significant drawback that makes the speed of the whole plugin not great.


The page builder has a set of definitions to set responsive page right, and differentiate between mobile and desktop.


Tailor is very community oriented, and encourages other developers to add their own additions.


Because it is not based on shortcodes, Tailor is well suited for SEO.


Tailor does not lock in the user in any way.