Page Builder by SiteOrigin is one of the first page builders for WordPress. One of it’s main advantages is that the plugin is completely free. After installing the basic plugin, you will also need to install SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle, which includes most of the plugins widgets. SiteOrigin is a backend editor, which means you first need to set the layout and place the widgets on the backend, then move to preview mode to see how it looks like.

Easy to Use

With SiteOrigin page builder, everything takes much longer. One of the reasons is that the design is all done on the backend. I wanted to create a simple top header for my landing page, with an icon and a title. This was almost impossible because there was no visual way for me to access if the icon was positioned correctily or if the two elements sat nicely together.


The single license costs $29. The Business costs $49, and the Developer costs $99.


SiteOrigin’s page builder does have a layout section with a lot of templates. Even though these were not easily integrated into my pages, I appreciated the work that was put in making these templates.


SiteOrigin is one of the most downloaded plugins in WordPress, over 1M active users. This is partly because they have been around for a long time, when there were no alternatives.


Documentation was very minimal and hard to use. You get a list of articles that talk about various subjects. A lot of the features in the page builder are not addressed.


There is no special addressing of WooCommerce, and I’ve seen no widget or feature that helps you manage the design of your store.

Stylish Design

I found that SiteOrigin had almost no regard for stylish design. Even their site  was rather on the simple site, and lacked inspiration.


SiteOrigin offers a rather generous bundle of widgets. Almost anything you need. The Premium plugin is also rather well stocked with widgets. From forms to carousels, you won’t be lacking widgets on this plugin.


The speed of the builder is directly influenced by the way it is built. Because it is shortcode based, it’s very slow.


I did not find a way to make the page responsive. It’s like the developers forgot about this crucial feature. Mobile visitors are responsible to about 60% of the traffic, depending on which type of website you are talking about. This is not something you can just ignore. Basic problems like having a title to big on mobile cannot be addressed with the right set of tool.


Siteorigin has a large community of users, on their site’s forum. You can find answers for almost anything if you search this forum.


SEO nowadays has a lot to do with speed. A typical siteorigin page will include many shortcodes, that will slow down the page and hurt your SEO.


SiteOrigin completely locks you in, because it is shortcode based.