Sandwich is a light-weight and free Page Building plugin for WordPress. Sandwich offers many features like shortcode mapping, hassle free and pop up-less editing and no coding necessary. When we first opened a page with Sandwich, we found the interface looked great, with bright colors and nice widget icons.

When we  started working with it, however, it wasn’t as friendly. The arrows that are supposed to expand a widget up and down only worked for the down arrow. Also, there wasn’t an option to drag and drop widgets, a fairly basic feature in most page builders. There is an noticeable attempt to simplify the interface, so people with no prior knowledge of HTML or design could find it useful. For example, the margin option is called “row thickness”, which is cute. Having said that, it does make the layout control a bit over-simplistic, and we did not find more advanced features like full height rows or content positioning options.

Regarding widgets, the free version is extremely lacking, and reaching even standard and basic page designs is difficult. You don’t even get a heading or a text box widget, and no video widget as well. You can however write right on the screen, which is cool. We have not seen an inline text option on other page builders, and it might be problematic, because we could not drag the text we had written to other areas.