MotoPress lets you create responsive pages without coding, by dragging and dropping elements to the page. When it comes to the interface, we found it a bit too simplistic and basic to really gain control over the page layout and position each element exactly how we want it. There is really no specific control for column or row, so you really have to make do with the basic style settings of each widget, which is different than most page builders we’ve tested.

This also led us to not being able to create any background behind the widgets, which is a fairly basic style option. The MotoPress version we tested was the free one, so there might be some differences with regards to the premium version. After dragging an item to the page, there appeared a loading animation, which is really not great because it means you have to wait every time you add a widget to the page. We did find a lot of widgets for a free page builder.

To summarize, this is a free page builder that does offer a lot of widgets, but doesn’t really let you skyrocket an advanced design.


Easy to Use

Using the MOtoPress page builder was a bit of a hassle. This page builder is shortcode based. At first I found it really difficult to find the delete button. Next, when I added an icon and changed colors there was an annoying pause. Changing Typography was impossible. I just couldn’t find a way to do it. Do I need to go back to the theme setting just to update the font family?

What I found really troublesome was that there was no way to play around with the row and columns at all. This was one of the most basic features in most other page builders. For the button, when I previewed some of the colors by hovering over them, they sometimes displayed the preview and sometimes didn’t. It was very confusing.

The menu itself is very hard to navigate through. It has a top layer of icons, that when you hover over dropdown to see more widgets.


The basic package is called Personal, it’s for one site, and costs $29. Next, comes the Business package for $47, up to 5 sites. Last, the Developer package, costs $139 and is for unlimited websites. The plugin also has a list of paid addons, so this all amounts to a pricey plugin.


MotoPress is a long time player, and has over 10,000 active installs. In their sales page they state they have over 80,000 sales done.


The MotoPress documentation is well built. It uses screenshots and covers a lot of topics.


The plugin has an addon called Extend eCommerce, which lets you choose the layout for your shop, and customize how the product appear.

Stylish Design

I think the lack of options to play around with the row and column settings drastically hurt on the ability of the plugin to reach a stylish design.


The lite version has a rather broad set of widget.


I found the speed very troubling. Everything did not load instantly. When you are making hundreds of changes to a site, and have to see how it looks like, you want it to work seamlessly.


Even though the plugin has a preview mode for tablet and mobile, it’s not that helpful. You don’t actually get the tools to differentiate between the desktop design and the mobile design.


MotoPress completely locks in the user, because it is shortcode based. The moment the user turns off MotoPress, every content ever built will be destroyed.