A free frontend page builder that lets you see every change you make on the site. Forge has premium paid extensions, that build more functionality into the page builder.

Easy to Use

Forge has its ups and downs in terms of ease of use. Let’s start with the positive. The UI is simple and intuitive, and doesn’t require a lot of guesswork. All is pretty straightforward. You see a headline, add it to the page, go and edit it. You don’t end up frustrated with the general UI experience. It seems that the people behind Forge used some pre-planning on the UI.

The downside is that you are very limited. Everything is brought to the minimum. You don’t even get the icon widget on the free plugin.


The basic Forge page builder is free, and you have to pay for the addons. The price is $39 for a Single Site, $59 for 2-3 Sites and $99 for Unlimited Sites. This addons set, or widgets bundle, includes over 30 useful widgets. It really is a must if you are building websites with Forge, because some of the widgets are very basic. These widgets include videos, forms and icons.


Only the premium version of Forge contains the layouts, which is a bit of a let down.


Forge has over 2,000 active installs on the WordPress depository. This is rather a low number, and may point to a need to do more marketing on the part of the theme developer. It’s a fairly new plugin, so this can explain why it is still with such a small userbase.


I have found the Forge documentation lacking. There aren’t many subject categories, and the explanations are rather not visual enough.


Forge page builder actually has a great free feature, WooCommerce products widget and EDD widget. This is great for creating online store websites with a page builder.

Stylish Design

Because Forge is not so flexible, most times you’ll end up with pages that look pretty similar. I wouldn’t call it stylish design, even though the plugin itself shows style. The interface is laid out very nicely, and I like how it uses colors.


The free version of Forge does offer unexpected widgets like EDD and WooCommerce, but the rest of the widget list is pretty disappointing. Videos, icons, buttons. These are widgets you will have to pay money to get, and that’s a bit disappointing. Not including EDD, WooCommerce and the row widget, which simply adds another row, you only get 5 proper widgets to work with on the free page builder. This is very restricting.


Forge is a pretty fast page builder. There was little to no loading time, so the UI is very useful. Forge also doesn’t use shortcodes, and in terms of page load speed it also performs nicely, and doesn’t create huge pages.


I couldn’t find any way to make the page I was editing with Forge responsive. I didn’t even find the mobile preview mode. My conclusion is that this just may be the worst page builder for designing responsive websites. I do hope the developer stands the time to add this functionality.


This plugin doesn’t yet have a strong presence in the WP community and in general.


I found forge to play well with SEO. It loads fast, is quick and produces clean code. This is a great choice of page builder in terms of SEO.


There is no lock in for the user if they use Forge page builder. Even if you remove the plugin, the content still remains, and you can still redesign it. This is a huge plus because you can change themes, page builders, but you always want to keep your content.