Hi guys,

We are happy to introduce you to ‘Page Builders for WordPress’, the new website that will give you the most accurate comparison and review of the different page builders available on WordPress. These last few years there’s been an up rise of many interesting page builders. Some free, some paid. Our goal with this website is to give you the most comprehensive and objective review possible, analyzing each and every page builder according to the strictest guidelines. Having tested most page builders available, I have rather a clear view about the pros and cons of each one. I want to give you the option to make your own choice, and decide which builder to use according to your own preference and desire, and that is why I have dissected the review into a variety of criterions.

This site is committed to staying objective, but you need to be aware that we have placed affiliate links when we linked the different page builders. This has not affected our impartial view, but I wanted to be upfront with this on the get go, so there is no misunderstanding.

Trend of page builders

People are using page builders more and more, because designing a website using these editors save you a lot of time, and means you don’t have to use code to customize the theme that you bought. We really love page builders, and that is why building this website was so much fun for us.

Using the site

It is very easy to navigate through this site. You have a search bar on the homepage, so you can search every page builder and even features and widgets. We have a comprehensive comparison table that summarizes the features available on the top plugins, and we also have a detailed listing of each page builder you can read through.

If you are a page builder developer

If you have developed a page builder for WordPress that does not appear on this site, I invite you to send me a message about it on the “contact us” page. If you are listed, and want to change a certain details about your page builder, use the same contact form. We usually reply fairly fast. I also encourage you to send us any news you have about new releases, updates, upcoming features, or anything else that can be of interest.

We accept guest posts, so if you have an idea for a post send us the subject and we will consider adding it. We want this to be the most useful page builder comparison website, so if you have any suggestions of features or comparisons you’d like to see here, please let me know. We are constantly improving this site, and adding more updates, blog posts and new page builder reviews in.

I hope you enjoy this new website. If we helped you choose the right page builder for you, please share this website on Facebook or Twitter, so more people can choose wisely regarding which visual editor they want to use.