Because my job involves creating landing pages and websites with page builders, I spend a lot of times in forums and Facebook groups. I don’t only ask the questions, but also try to help, if the question is something I have already dealt with in the past.

What I noticed is that the same common problems with page builders seem to rise over and over again, and while their solution might be a simple one, people are always asking about them. This is a great reason to write this post, answering the top 10 common problems and matching a fix to each one.

Problem 1. Something stopped working after updating the page builder

This is the most common question I believe. The problem appears after a page builder user updates their plugin, and gets an error message. While most page builder developers promise compatibility with each and all themes and plugins, this is not really possible, as conflicts are naturally arising all the time. The best and simplest fix here is to close all plugins, maybe change to a starter theme like Underscores, and seeing if the problem is solved. The problem occurs when the update changes something in the page builder and the change conflicts with one of the other WordPress elements.

Problem 2. Page Builder Doesn’t Work

If you are a new user of the page builder, and you can’t get it to work, the previous solution might also help you. If it doesn’t, you might need to update your WordPress version or talk to your hosting about a possible problem with the server. If you are hosting on, this can also be a cause for the page builder not to load. In any case, I would suggest first to understand where the problem is. Did the page builder install properly? Check the plugins page to see if it is installed. Does it get stuck when you try to load it? Then it is probably a conflict with another plugin. Can use the widgets and modules in the page builder? This might be an issue with your theme or other plugins as well.

Problem 3. Can’t Remove a space in the page

Sometimes the spaces come from the theme, and not from the page builder. You might need to edit the page template, or add a new template with no spacing. Usually, if it is above the title of the page, it is the domain of the theme and not the page builder.

Problem 4. Can’t Remove Title

Some themes, like GeneratePress, let you remove the title of the page from the dashboard itself, so you might want to considers switching to a more page builder friendly theme. In any case, you can also use a plugin like Hide Title, and in the dashboard check the title to be hidden.

Problem 5. Can’t Get the Page Builder to Full Width

Again, this is easily fixed by switching to a theme with a full width template. Some page builders also have the option of full width, which works by using JavaScript to take over the page design and forcing full width.