When it comes to creating backups for your website, then you should know that it is always difficult to download every single database file. If you are using a content management system like WordPress, you will have so much content that it will become almost impossible for you to create backups manually. If you are using WordPress, then you should know that there are various other options for you to create backups for your website. There are countless plugins that you can use to create backups, and most of them are available for free. It is another reason why you should always use WordPress for creating your websites.

Even if you are running a website, you will have to come up with something that will automatically generate backup files every single day. This way, even if you are getting hacked, you will be able to restore your website to the previous state. Here, we have curated a list of best available backup plugins that you can use for your website, and it will help you in making things a lot easier for yourself.



UpdraftPlus is one of the most famous backup plugins for WordPress. Most importantly, it is a free plugin that will allow you to take backups of your website. You can download the backup of your website and store it in your computer or on the cloud. If you are looking to schedule your backups and you want the plugin to take automatic backups at a specific time of the day, then it will allow you to schedule the activity. More importantly, you can always set the location of your backup files, and the backup will be stored automatically to Google Drive, email, Dropbox or any other storage services.

It also has a premium version of every other quality plugin where you can use its add-ons to migrate sites along with other cool features. If you are going premium, then you will be able to get the support from the author whenever you are facing issues in creating backups.

Download UpdraftPlus



Here comes the most famous backup plugin for WordPress. It is a premium WordPress plugin, and it will allow you to take backups automatically. BackupBuddy comes with a lot of cool features. First of all, you should know that it is not the plugin for which you will have to subscribe the service on a monthly basis. You can always pick the plan, and you will be able to use it on the number of websites described in your plan. As it is a premium plugin, you will be able to access their support forums, and you can get all the help you need.

With this premium backup plugin for WordPress, you can schedule your backups easily. You can schedule daily backups, so you don’t have to take backups manually every other day. It will also upload and store the backup in Cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and other storage services.

Download BackupBuddy



BackupWordPress is another great plugin that will help you in the best way possible to store a backup of your website. It will also allow you to schedule your backup automatically. However, if you are using its free version, then it won’t allow you to store the backup to cloud storage. If you are looking to store your backup to Dropbox, Cloud storage services, FTP, or in emails, then you will require purchasing its premium version. There are also different extensions available, and you can buy them according to your requirements.

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Another popular WordPress backup plugin is WP-DB-Backup, and you will find it extremely helpful for creating a backup for your WordPress. It is one of the best plugins for developers and people who knows about WordPress and coding because it only allows you to get backups for your WordPress database. When it comes to storing databases, then you will find this plugin very useful. You can create database backups, and you can schedule them according to your requirements. However, it won’t take backups for your media files, and you will have to do that manually. It can be the best plugin for people who don’t have or don’t want to access phpMyAdmin. It will help you in taking backups without accessing your database.

Download WP-DB-Backup



It’s another useful plugin, and it is available for free. It will allow you to take backup of your website free of cost. It will also store the backup to cloud, email or your computer. More importantly, you should know that it is easy to use and you will be able to schedule your backups. However, if you are going through some issues and you need support, then you will have to go premium. The Pro version also comes with multiple features, and it will allow you to take backups on your Google Drive as well.

Download BackWPUp


In 2017, backing up your content has become crucial, as more and more brute force attacks occur on WordPress sites. We pour our time and hard work creating websites, content and designs, and it’s a shame to lose them because we didn’t spend a few minutes backing up everything. Whether you go for a free or premium backup plugin for WordPress, make sure you consistently backup all your sites, so you later don’t regret you didn’t.