A background video in the header section of the page is a really cool feature, and is especially nice for homepages that have a great influence on the visitor. To add video background to WordPress, all you have to do is install a page builder. The background video option is already included.

I wanted to try out the different free page builders in the WordPress market, and see which one let me create background video pages in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Background videos are a great design trend that has been around for a few years, but only recently has become so accessible to WordPress users.

I like background videos that don’t interfere with the main text and other modules on the page.

There are several reasons why you would want to add these videos:

  • They make the whole page more interesting
  • They can help create an atmosphere to the page, also adding to it’s ability to convert
  • They add a dynamic feel for the page

Adding a video to a background doesn’t require any coding or design knowledge. That is – given that you are using a page builder.

Add video background to WordPress with Beaver Builder

add video background to WordPress with Beaver Builder

Go to row settings > Style > Background Video > Source > YouTube or Vimeo, and paste the video URL in. You then set the Background Overlay to give the video another layer of color.

Add video background with SiteOrigin

There is actually a third party addon for background videos on SiteOrigin, but when I tried using it I could get it to work on YouTube Videos. Because I have no intention of hosting the background videos, I decided to go with a different page builder instead.

Add video background with Live Composer

Live composer also allowed for uploaded background videos, and no YouTube option. This is frustrating because the smallest background video weighs about 15MB and WordPress has a default limit of 2MB.

Add video background with Elementor


With Elementor, same as Beaver Builder, adding the video was fairly easy. When you go to the section setting, and press the style tab and background area, you click on the video icon and can add a YouTube video.

Finding Background Videos Fit For WordPress Websites

Finding the right video has actually become much easier. The best source for free beautiful background videos is Pixabay. Here you will find a large collection of videos that are free to use. You can choose to upload them to YouTube and use them on your site. You can also search directly on YouTube for scenery videos.

Reduce The Size Of Videos

As mentioned earlier, WordPress has a limit for file sizes. If you do plan to use a video that sits in your server hosting, you might need to reduce its size. You should also choose short videos that play on repeat, and try to keep the video quality as high as possible.

Summing Up

We’ve seen that in order to Add video background to WordPress, all you have to do is use the right page builder. As we’ve seen, most free page builders offer the ability to add these videos on their free plan. This feature can take your website to a whole other level, and make a better impact on your visitors.